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BETAfpv LiteRadio 2 Radio Transmitter 2.4G Game Pad Style Controller

5.0 (3 reviews)



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BETAfpv LiteRadio 2 Radio Transmitter 2.4G Game Pad Style Controller


3 reviews for BETAfpv LiteRadio 2 Radio Transmitter 2.4G Game Pad Style Controller

  1. SRVFPV (verified owner)

    Just got round to binding this controller to my Mobula 6 so i thought i’d share my findings. It took 5 mins to figure out how to choose D8 mode and then i bound it to my mob 6 with no problem. The arm switch was already set up so away i went. I normally use a QX 7 that hasn’t been updated so it still has D8 and that radio has the hall effect gimbals fitted so i expected the beta fpv radio to be rubbish compared to that. how wrong i was. The sticks feel light but so precise. I flew 6 packs straight off and i wont be rebinding the Mob 6 to the QX 7. This is now my Mob 6 controller. Love it.

  2. Anthony Hester

    I bought this as I wanted a small light transmitter and wanted gamepad style, I did not expect much from it, but how wrong was I.
    I already have a flysky nv14 Nirvana but that is heavy and quite big, but a connoisseurs style transmitter. This little betafpv radio 2 is amazing for the cost, I’ve only had it a few days so still getting used to it, but I used it with TWGO SIM to compare with my Nirvana and within minutes I was smashing my previous lap times on various tracks and not by a little bit either. I love this little thing already, probably enough to consider selling on the Nirvana.

  3. T (verified owner)

    As a beginner, I wanted a solid controller that would allow me to get into the hobby. This was perfect, it is incredibly simple and has no complicated screens or vast arrays of buttons. Just you and the drone. The sticks feel really nice and the switches are easily accessible while flying. It’s a joy to use this transmitter and I don’t think I will be upgrading any time soon.

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After the latest round of beta test, LiteRadio 2 is back to the market with the huge improvements based on the original version.

  • Supports Frsky protocol, easily change Frsky D8, Frsky D16 FCC and Frsky D16 LBT mode (The default version is Frsky D16 FCC)
  • Built-in charging module, support USB charging
  • Adopted the rubber coat and add weight, makes it more ergonomic
  • Add vibration motor, provide a vibrating prompt
  • Redesign the power button, make it crystal clear and better for the LED indication
  • Designed for FPV racing starters
  • LiteRadio 2 is powered by OpenTX firmware. Totally 8 channels and has a hobby grade gimbal.
  • This radio tansmitter acts as a USB Joystick when connected to a personal computer. So you could use it to play FPV simulator like EREADRONE
  • The trainer function is available for this LiteRadio 2 transmitter. It is useful for FPV racing student in training
  • LiteRadio 2 transmitter runs the OpenTX 2.2.4 firmware. OpenTX comes with a computer-based graphical user interface, OpenTX
  • Companion. Pilots could use OpenTX Companion is trim the gimbal central value
  • With the hobby grade gimbal and adopted the rubber coat, makes it more ergonomic


  • Item: LiteRadio 2
  • Frequency Range: 2.4G (2403MHz-2447MHz)
  • 2.4G System: NRF24L01 or CC2500
  • Channel: 8
  • System: Bayang Protocol / Frsky Protocol
  • Power: ≤80mw
  • Model Type: Multi-rotor
  • Support USB Charging
  • Support FPV Simulator Connected
  • Output: PPM, support Student Radio Mode
  • LED Light: Green-Power On / Red-Warning / Blue-Normal
  • Battery: title=”300mah battery”
  • Weight: 227.4g (with battery)


  • 1 * LiteRadio 2 Radio Transmitter
  • 1 * 350mAh 2S Battery
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